Hidden Gems

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One of my normal routines after cleaning a business includes marking my time. I tape my business card to the opening handle, slap it on a cleaned desk, or even stick it through a seal of a door. Just to let you know I’ve been here. It’s kind of a fun thing to do, something subtle but enough to let … Read More

Life Moves Fast… Too Fast

Randy RallsReal Life

In less than a month, all of our kiddos will be back at school. My youngest a freshmen in high school, my oldest a freshmen in college. Two little freshmen conquering their new places with new faces. Life moves fast. I thought I was still teaching my kiddos to ride their bike? Now my oldest will be riding her bike … Read More

Why “Everytime” Instead of “Every Time”?

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Maybe it’s eye catching? Maybe it’s an unique name that no one else will have? Maybe it was an accident?? Maybe it’s rememberable? Maybe I simply just can’t spell? Without giving any too many details, it’s an old inside term.  Will I ever fully explain the meaning? Probably not. I wouldn’t want to give away something that’s special to me and … Read More

Who Sings This Anyways ??

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One of the perks of working outside in public tourist hotspots is the constant music selection. Places like The Branson Landing and Tanger Malls in Branson play music outside their shops almost 24/7. Normally, during other jobs, it becomes so quiet and vacant I play off of my personal stereo with my own music selection. However, with those two tourist … Read More

It’s Barbecue Season Folks!

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Crank open those grills and throw the meats on the hot flames! Summer is the best season to get together with your family and friends on the back deck overseeing the lake to celebrate just being together. Need your windows to look nice and clear for the occasion? Maybe your deck need some love? Maybe last fall’s leafs are still … Read More

Business World

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In the business world, everyone is paid two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later. -Harold S. Geneen, American Businessman, President of ITT Corp.

Happy Fourth!

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Happy America Day! Spend time with your family and friends this holiday weekend!

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Summer Beauty in the Ozarks

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What a beautiful summer day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are bright, the grass is green, I hear neighbors lawnmowers and children playing and laughing in the street… too bad it’s about 9o degrees with a high humidity. Life is still beautiful through a window pane. Stay safe and cool this summer!