Who Sings This Anyways ??

Randy RallsReal Life, Window Cleaning

One of the perks of working outside in public tourist hotspots is the constant music selection. Places like The Branson Landing and Tanger Malls in Branson play music outside their shops almost 24/7. Normally, during other jobs, it becomes so quiet and vacant I play off of my personal stereo with my own music selection. However, with those two tourist hotspots, I get to listen to the wide music selection from both.

Today at Tanger Mall? Pure 80s. Last week at The Branson Landing? Country. Tomorrow? Probably pop.

Do people take turns choosing music each day? Does the guy in charge just plug in a massive playlist and I happen to hear the same type of songs when I’m down there? Or does someone know I’m down there and is giving me something different each day? Who knows. Either way, I’m jamming out with my towels and washing wand.