What Even is “Janitorial”?

Randy RallsJanitorial Services


[ jan-i-ter ] noun

a person employed in an apartment house, office building, school, etc., to clean the public areas, remove garbage, and do minor repairs; caretaker.

Archaic. a doorkeeper or porter.

Now. I wouldn’t consider myself a “janitor”. But I do janitorial jobs. Let me explain.

To start off, I’m definitely not a doorkeeper or porter. Let’s just get that part out of the way. A janitor often get a bad rap; they are seen as the men and women carting around schools with their mop buckets and paper towels and trash bags. However, they do so much more behind the scenes. I am not a janitor, but I do janitorial work.

One of my most popular works as “Clean Everytime” are, in fact, janitorial works. I come by after the business and/or office building has closed and I empty trash cans, dust off office desks, clean and restock the bathrooms, tidy up chairs in conference rooms, mop up bathroom tile floors and wooden common areas, and often add a little window and door cleaning to the mix. Like a janitor, I disappear and make things just a *little* bit tidier and cleaner.

Just like that, you’re back on Monday with a clearer work area and (hopefully) clearer mind for your week ahead.

Why does this not make me a janitor? Because those men and women work hard every single day in these environments. School buildings get cleaned everyday and apartment houses require constant care. I, however, pop in every week for a minor check up and make the environment a little cleaner every week. Janitor’s work hard everyday and I pay all respects to them! I am just simply the “cleaning guy” who pays your office a visit every weekend, here to make your time at work a little nicer. Maybe I’m a cleaning fairy?

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