Ozarks Weather

Randy RallsReal Life

Mother Nature is a pretty crazy lady. 

She tosses us around, making it snow one day then 90 degrees the next. We still love her anyways… right..?

What’s a guy to do to make the rain stop?!

One second I’m out cleaning a window, then the next the same shiny window is now soaking wet… including me. I am wet. And probably upset. I love the rain, don’t get me wrong- a good soak is good for everyone- but the weather always effects my work. I spend my time cleaning outside windows, pressure washing awnings and decks, and everything in between. If it’s raining… those aren’t getting done. They’re often moved to another day, making my schedule jumbled and completely different. It’s hard not having a traditional weekly schedule given to you, detailing every day down to the hour you’re done, but it gives me flexibility to make the schedule want, even if Mother Nature has other ideas.

Clean Everytime