Clean Everytime in the Summertime

Randy RallsReal Life, Summer Fun!

With summer comes heat, with heat comes exhaustion, with exhaustion comes lack of motivation, and lack of motivation comes lack of work. However, Clean Everytime’s summer is not like everyone else’s.

Summer time highs of 80-90 degrees comes with 60-70 lows. 4 in the afternoon makes working and being outside unbearable, leaving not only workers exhausted but tourist, consumers, and customers dreading their time outside. We like to avoid that heat here, working at those beautiful lows…. at 4 in the morning.

An average working day in the summer consists of quick 4 am office work- updating schedules, printing out invoices, checking emails- leaving the house the latest of 4- cleaning the Ozarks inside and out in shorts and a t-shirt- all before the sun rises and the temperature follows.

Although the average person would be crying at the idea of waking up at 4 every morning, it has beautiful perks. You get so much more done, the town and neighborhoods are peaceful and quiet, the weather is nice, working till noon or one gives you the rest of the day to do whatever you need to do (outside of work), and if you really wanted to take a nap.. you could. 

We hope everyone is having a beautiful summer with family and friends! If you find it’s too hot… try hanging out at 4 am.

Clean Everytime