May Monthly Update

Randy RallsMonthy Updates

This month’s monthly update is all about that rain.

Recently in the Ozarks, the water took over our towns. Streets were closed, streams turned into lakes and everyone and everything seemed to be at a stand still. Not only did we have to play catch up with the amount of days we missed cleaning, but as did the rest of the town. Since then, allergies have gone over the roof. Pollen¬†attached itself onto window sills. Leaves found there way to clog all the gutters. Even people’s homes were destroyed from the rushing water. We hope for safe well beings for you and your family. After some weeks the water has retreated and everything seems to be back to normal speed around town and beyond. If you need any assistance in the further clean up process, you know who to call. Happy Spring (and showers!)

-Clean Everytime 417-699-2151